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About me

An ordinary woman (cis-gender female) from the almost-southern most city of India, Trivandrum. I go by the pronouns She/Her. 

Also, a Program Manager II at Microsoft with a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

I'm in love with Product Management and learning the intricacies of user experience. Loves freezing frames (yep, photography!)

I care about Women empowerment, breaking stereotypes, being inclusive and an Ally. Passionate about giving back to the world and making a positive difference where I can.

So far... (The TL;DR version)


Hello world!

Happy and sometimes cranky. But a proud 90s kid, you know!


I loved going to school!

St. Thomas Residential School, second home. Made friends for life!


"10th std is the most important year of your life!"



Confused girl to college

Govt. Engineering College, Barton Hill, Trivandrum - Life changer! While trying to earn a degree, not a day was boring. 


GHC - India 2017 Student Scholar

Amongst the 200 students selected from across India to attend the largest women tech conference in the country. Landed a job at Microsoft at the GHCI Career Fair.

June 2018

Microsoft, here I come!

Program Manager, Microsoft India

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